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nobody n : a person of no influence [syn: cipher, cypher, nonentity]

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  1. Not any person; the logical negation of somebody.
    I asked several people, but nobody knew how.
    Nobody called or visited that day.



not any person; the logical negation of somebody


  1. Someone who is not important or well-known.
    Whether you're a nobody or a player, everyone in Tinseltown wants to be King of Hollywood! - Conquering Hollywood

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Nobody can refer to one of the following:
In music:
Nobody may also refer to:
  • My Name is Nobody, a 1973 spaghetti Western
  • Nobody Nowhere, a 1991 bestselling autobiography with a CD featuring a song of the same name, both by autistic author Donna Williams
  • Nobody, 2007, an award winning documentary featuring Jerry Bell. Created by Alan Spearman and Lance Murphey.
In comics:
  • Nobody is the name of a police officer who disguised himself in a black outfit to fight crime in New York from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.
nobody in Japanese: ノーバディ

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a nobody, a nothing, cipher, common man, dud, dummy, figurehead, hollow man, insignificancy, jackstraw, lay figure, lightweight, little fellow, little guy, man of straw, mediocrity, nary one, nebbish, never a one, no man, no one, nobody on earth, nobody one knows, nobody present, nonentity, not a soul, not one, nothing, nullity, obscurity, pip-squeak, punk, puppet, pushover, runt, scrub, shrimp, small fry, small potato, small potatoes, squirt, squit, thing of naught, trifle, unknown, whiffet, whippersnapper, zero, zilch
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